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What Would Cinderella Wear?

Well first of all she’d probably buy a pair of slippers that fit this time!

Bridal shoes can be tricky business, especially if you are a Shoe Diva. Instinct says buy “the” most perfect pair because this will be your most perfect day…. then Logic kicks in and says “But nobody will really see them under your long gorgeous gown, so save the loot for your honeymoon!”. Logic and I have never been the best of friends – he’s such a party pooper! So should you follow Instinct or Logic?

Personally, I went with Logic because by the time I got to buying shoes I had crossed “the line”. If you don’t know what “the line” is you soon will! It’s that point in the wedding planning process when you’ve had enough and could not care less about whatever issue is in front of you. For me, it was shoes and I am the afore mentioned Shoe Diva. I bought a perfectly lovely pair for $40, nobody saw them, and threw them away the next day. (They were dirty and I didn’t care enough to clean them).

Here are some of my favorite wedding shoes, no matter which side of reasoning you decide to go with.

These peep-toe pumps are by Nina and retail for $89.95. They come in several colors and if you search, you can even find this shoe that has lace for the folds instead of the pictured satin. They look couture without costing couture. You will definitely be barefoot before the end of the night though – these beauties have 4 inch heels!

While they are a nice compromise between Instinct and Logic, I would be sure to show these off. If you are wearing a tea-length gown I urge you to strongly consider these shoes.

David’s Bridal offers these 3.5 inch heel peep-toe D’Orsay pumps on sale! They scream Logic to your purse but don’t look like they were from the discount aisle. The ruched knot on the front and arch-revealing cut out make them classy without giving a hint to the low $49.99 price tag.

The other great thing about these heels is that while they look dressy enough to be worn on your special day, they would also go nicely with other less-fomal outfits. Ability-to-wear-again is a definite plus!

Got a short groom? Getting married on the beach? Want to dance the night away? Yes to any of these would make these kitten heels the perfect wedding shoe for you. Colorful Creations sells these bridal flip-flops for $39.95.

Swoon! If I could have afforded these as my wedding shoes, I wouldn’t have cared if I wore a white burlap sack! These Manolo Blahnik jeweled D’Orsay pumps retail new at places like Neiman Marcus for about $715. If you are dead set on having them you can usually find them cheaper online or get a really good pair of knock-offs. Made popular by Carrie Bradshow in an episode of “Sex and the City” these Manolos can be worn with a pair of cargo pants or capris well after you’ve walked them down the aisle.
These are only 4 of thousands of shoe options out there, but no matter which pair you choose REMEMBER!: Buy your pair shortly after choosing your dress so that you can take them to the first fitting/alteration appointment! Happy Shopping!

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