Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Missing in Action….

So sorry to have been a bit MIA from the blog lately. NW has been very busy in May with spring weddings and compiling sales for our new Etsy shop! More details to come on that one, as well as a link, of course.

I thought I would at least pop in and post a Look Book mosaic that also has something missing – the bottom of the dress! Long wedding gowns will always be the “norm”, I think, but looking at these 12 dresses makes it hard to not want one. Whether you are a beach-, 2nd time-, garden-, casual-, or just plain chic-bride these tea length and shorter wedding dresses are a beautiful option. Because they are not (yet!) as popular as full length gowns they may be harder to find but there are some definite advantages in searching for a shorter hemline:

1. It’s easier to dance.
2. Everyone will see your fabulous shoes (a definite requirement with a shorter dress)
3. The price tag should be light, as the dress requires less fabric and time to make.

Plus, you will be the fashionista bride none of your guests will every forget!


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