Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Something’s Gotta Give

If you’re the kind of bride that’s reading this – or any – wedding blog then chances are good you’re also the kind of bride that’s had the majority of her wedding details planned since before even meeting the groom. Chances are also good that unless you are starring in an episode of “Platinum Weddings” you have….a budget.

It’s one of the many dreaded “B” words, but also a necessary word. Be it $5,000 or $50,000 sticking to your pre-determined bottom line can be difficult when vendors are showing you beautiful things and talking fast. As dollar signs float in front of your eyes you may feel the panic begin to creep in – “How can I have the wedding I always wanted and not end up in the Newlywed Poorhouse?” Fear not! Below are our three favorite quick fixes for reducing a budget panic. Picking just one will go a long way to cut costs and may even enhance your special day.

1. Who’s Counting?
Does your babysitter from infancy really need to be invited, and does she even remember you? CUT. How about your 6th cousins twice removed that will undoubtedly get trashed and be obnoxious? CUT. This is the first day of your marriage, so invite people who have seen the journey and can truly celebrate in your joy, not those whom you feel obligated to invite for whatever reason.

Reducing the guest list will allow you to save money on: Less food, less staff, a smaller cake, fewer rentals, a smaller venue, less stationary products, and fewer favors.

2. Season’s Greetings!
Keep the time of year in mind when choosing a wedding date if you’re trying to keep dollars down. We all know the popular (read: most expensive) wedding months: May, June, September, and October, so steer clear of those. Many venues offer deep discounts during the “off” season, which is typically identified as January through March. Be careful with December, though; while it may be an off month for weddings it is usually very busy with corporate holiday parties and won’t help your budget.

Snow makes for beautiful scenery and photography back-drops, and you can use your saved cash for a tropical honeymoon!

3. My Girl Friday
If you can’t handle the snow and MUST be a June bride, consider a day other than Saturday for your nuptials. A Friday night or early Sunday wedding will get you discounts in that your vendors would otherwise probably not have ANY bookings on these days. And think of the possibilities! A late Friday evening ceremony followed by a champagne and dessert reception is undeniably chic and romantic, plus it saves you from paying for a full sit-down meal! Or a Sunday morning brunch reception with a waffle bar and Mason jar mimosas – that’s a wedding not soon to be forgotten.

Step outside the box and you will be remembered as the creative, modern bride. They don’t need to know you were just trying to save some loot!

If after reading these 3 simple suggestions you find yourself thinking “But I WANT to get married on a Saturday in June with everyone I’ve ever known in attendance!”…. well, you might be one of those other dreaded “B” words – Bridezilla. Take a step back and realize something’s gotta give.


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