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Not the Same Old Number

Your table numbers can be a creative way to add some personality to your wedding and share your story with guests.  Don’t default to the simple table numbers your caterer might provide without giving these options some thought.

By Age:

Include a picture of you and/or your spouse at the age indicated on the table number. Family will love seeing, or being reminded, of your childhoold pictures on your very grown-up day!  A recent couple did a spin-off of this idea: they had been together for 12 years and had 12 reception tables. Each table number showed a picture of the bride and groom at that corresponding year in their relationship. It was a fun progression!

By Location:

Name your tables with places that have meant something to you – where you got engaged, went on your first date or first vacation together, buildings on your college campus, cities you love, etc.  The possibilities are endless on this one! However, try to keep the idea cohesive by sticking to a general theme.

By Tune:

Guests will enjoy being assigned to tables named for songs that you love, and may even remind them that they love it too! Choose songs that have meaning to your relationship, will have spots of honor at the reception (1st dance, Father/Daughter dance), or just ones you groove to on a daily basis.

By Pet:

If you love your pet, but not enough to include them in the wedding party, this is the perfect way to have them play a role in your big day.  Who wouldn’t love seeing these pictures on their table?

By City:

Name your tables after famous or favorite landmarks in the city you love.  Of course I chose Chicago for this one! I would want to sit at the “Michigan Ave.” table because that’s where all my favorite shopping is! Or maybe the “Portillo’s” table… hmm, this paragraph could grow to pages so I’ll stop there.

And here are some more randoms that I thought were good ideas, or really great ways of displaying the “same old number”.  I think the Math Card is my favorite!

Have fun with these! Because after you name your tables you have to figure out who’s sitting where, and that’s a whole other table issue…


2 responses

  1. peachbride

    The Portillo’s table would be awesome!!!

    June 16, 2010 at 3:29 PM

    • I would like to be sitting at a Portillo’s table right now, and not at a wedding! Ha.

      June 23, 2010 at 12:54 AM

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