Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Hot Like Mexico, Rejoice!

Today was Week #1 Weigh In on the “30 in 30 for 30” diet.  I am both happy and irritated to report I am down two pounds!  Not the number I had hoped for but definitely movement in the right direction. I guess I’ll take it!

I made a deal with myself that I can eat whatever I want on my birthday if I act right between now and then. :/  It’s bad when you start making deals with YOURSELF! We will just have to see what Week #2 brings….

And now, I’m going to cook dinner for you all in honor of tonight’s Top Chef DC premiere! The menu is Mexican Lasagna, or a glorified taco salad if you’re a food snob.

Most of the main players:

Browning the ground beef, and heating the tomatoes, black beans, and corn together. Both pots have plenty of chili powder and cumin!

Start the layering:

1st – crumbled tortilla chips
2nd- browned beef
3rd- white rice (I microwaved this when you guys weren’t looking. Yes it’s instant, No I’m not ashamed)
4th- tomato/corn/beans mixture topped with some Mexican blend cheeses

Finally top it with some more tortilla chip crumbles and another sprinkle of cheese.

After 15 minutes in a 400 degree oven it’s ready to eat! See, I AM a good wife. We won’t talk about how it wasn’t ready until 9pm. Hey, lots of brides need my help – I work late.


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