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Let’s Hear It For the Boys! (and Etsy)

In honor of Father’s Day weekend I thought we should take a few minutes to recognize the men in our weddings.  True, they don’t do much other than just show up, but be honest – isn’t that how we like it? And they do too! Amid the flurry of flowers, dresses, shoes, makeup, planning, stressing, crying….. they are happy just to walk us down the aisle, marry us, support their best friend, and then take part in the open bar.

Here are some ways you can show your appreciation.  After all, “showing up” is very important!
(All items are for sale on Etsy by incredibly talented artists. Everyone over there is so great – unless you end up on Regretsy, and then you’re either not so good or a genius; it’s a fine line.)

Cufflinks by TheCufflinkMaker
Pictured: Locket cufflinks ($34) and Chicago map cufflinks ($32)
This Etsy shop has every cufflink you could ever want, EVER. It’s amazing. I spent a good hour looking through everything.

Household-type gifts your groom might enjoy (clockwise from top left):
Wedding stamped silverware – jessicaNdesigns $18
Customized travel toiletry bag – queenbee55 $25

Insulated lunch bag – ThePattyPanShop $17.50   Bring it to him with goodies on the wedding day!
Family name sign – decalfarm $28

Personal gifts for your groom (clockwise from left):
Groom emergency kit – quickits $9
Socks for his “cold feet” – SilkscreenExpress $30
Groom’s journal – creationsbycurry $9.95
Personalized handkerchief – mollyandmom $19.50

For the dads and groomsmen:
Golf markers – magnificentmetal $20
Personalized flask – NeotericExpressions $32

Happy weekend to all! Enjoy it with the dads and men in your life.  And maybe check back here once or twice, I will be updating!


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