Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Fun Find

When I was a little girl I loved sitting at my grandmother’s vanity in her powder room.  It had big marquee bulbs all the way around the mirror and as I smeared on her red lipstick I felt like a Broadway performer getting ready for the big show.  She was so glamorous and had the best stuff to play with – beaded shoes, diamond jewelry, costume jewelry, perfume vials, and tons of hair stuff.  My favorite thing, though – and I still have it with me always – was a small gold hippopotamus that flipped open to reveal the solid perfume of Charlie. 

Solid perfume? Can you even find that anymore? Yes! Stella McCartney has a solid perfume necklace at Sephora and it’s adorable.  Not only will you smell good all day but it’s a really cute fashion statement as well.


This will look great for years to come but how long will it smell good? Well, I still open the hippopotamus from time to time and it always smells like my grandmother, so take that for what it’s worth.

I’m going shopping for my necklace this week!

P.S. This could even be a really nice gift for your bridesmaids! Just a thought.


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