Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Manic Monday!

Mondays come far too quickly!  Although Saturday and Sunday went by in a whirlwind, it was a good whirlwind.  No, I didn’t spend much time working and therefore there is no new blog layout or Twitter scenery.  Instead I had what the Fabulous Ms. Moxie deemed a “Sanity Re-design”!

Saturday I devoured Maryland blue crabs with my family – Mom, Dad, Hubby, Brother, and… *drumroll please* ……my brother’s new girlfriend.  It was my first time meeting her.  I’ve never been crazy about any of his girlfriends; they always seemed too young, too immature, too needy, too wishy-washy, etc., so I was nervous!  I wanted to like her because he obviously does but I guess I was internally preparing for the worst.

The verdict?  She’s adorable.  And beautiful, and smart, and very genuine.  I approve. 🙂 As if that matters at all. 

The crabs we quickly reduced to shells and guts.

My brother and the girlfriend.  Yes it’s the back of her head…Maybe when I know her better I will post faces!

And now it’s time to look forward to the week ahead.  It’s a busy one at Niche White!  This coming weekend we have – ready? – TWO weddings.  Two.  We’ve had two engagement parties in a weekend before, even one wedding and one engagement party but never TWO weddings back to back.  We’re ready though, and excited for both!

On Friday our friends and neighbors Liza and Tim are tying the knot! They’ll have a courthouse ceremony followed by an early dinner with their immediate families (very Sex and the City, right?)  Later that evening they’ll be throwing a backyard “cocktails-and-cake” reception for all 50 of their nearest and dearest.  We love their vision and have had  a blast pulling it all together.  Here is their beach cottage inspiration:

And on Saturday morning Sarah and Jesse are getting hitched at sunrise.  Although I’m going to require a lot of caffeine for that one I know it will be just beautiful.  Afterwards they’re hosting a breakfast reception that I am very excited about.  It’s a rare wedding celebration that includes mimosas, pancakes, and bacon – and I am all for anything that includes bacon!  Here’s  their country shabby-chic inspiration:

OK….ready, set, GO! Happy Manic Monday!


One response

  1. We all know the sister’s opinion matters. I’m glad she’s so great!!

    August 9, 2010 at 3:26 PM

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