Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Manic Monday!

Why do Mondays roll around so quickly and yet it seems like years between episodes of True Blood?  Speaking of which, I just learned that the season finale will air while I’m on vacation (in 28 days, not that I’m counting); who do I have to petition to get HBO on a cruise ship?! Don’t snicker. I’m only 20% joking.

Actually this Monday is not too manic, thank goodness.  Without too much on the immediate horizon I’m hoping this coming weekend will hold a quick get-away to the beach.  After all, I’m going to need a nice base tan before REAL vacation right?  I love going to Ocean City for a day here and there, as it usually turns into a big walk down memory lane – although my husband is probably tired of hearing about how I used to go in the Haunted House every summer with my Gammy or how my brother and I would ride the Wipeout until we couldn’t see straight. 

Bright lights of the boardwalk

The summer is sadly winding down… Although I have heard many cries of “I can’t wait for fall!” from friends on Facebook and Twitter recently, so I guess I’m the only one saying “sadly”.  After the 4+ feet of snow that was dumped on us just this past February it’s hard to believe anyone is looking forward to cooler temperatures again so soon!  To cool the complainers off, I put together some white winter wedding shots – all very beautiful and romantic, but they made me need a jacket! The power of suggestion is amazing.

Photos (Clockwise from top left): James Christianson, Troy Grover, Amy Carroll Photography, Alison Conklin Photography

I hate the cold but I love these snowy winter weddings.  It would give me an excuse to buy something like this:


And on three final notes:

 1. I finally gave Niche White a new Twitter background *insert round of applause* What do you think?

2.  Added to each of my blog posts now is a “Tweet” button so you can easily share with your own followers! Use freely.

3. I’m throwing an anniversary party in 3 weeks – casual, beachy, barbecue-type foods.  Am I serving the sweet potato fries in cute little tin pails or paper cones?  All input welcome!

Go forward and make it a great week! Oh, and come back around 3:00 today for “Dress of the Day”! 😉

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”
  – Henry David Thoreau


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