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Friday Pretties! It’s Fall!

Isn’t September an ambiguous month?  It feels like fall, with school buses back on the road and a morning nip in the air… yet the calendar still says ‘Summer’ for 21 of 30 days and temperatures can burst into the eighties on sunny afternoons.  (LOVE. IT.)

September is quickly gaining popularity as a wedding month but it can leave brides in limbo – will it be warm enough to have an outdoor affair? Is it too early to go with an Autumn theme?  Is it too late to use a pink color palette? See? Ambiguous

My fabulous and well-thought out advice – Do whatever you want. 🙂 I’m here to show you how Pretties can all work together, in September and in any other season! Yes. That’s what I do.

Wood = Outdoorsy, fall feel | Pink = Fabulous any time of year
Isn’t that chair adorable? It would be so cute in “getting ready” pictures!

 Birch bark flower basket | Pink Pouff-Pouff chair

Speaking of getting ready – everybody knows to wear a button/snap/zipper-front shirt right? Better yet, get a silky, sexy, stylish robe!  This will also look great in your photos and then you can throw it in your trousseau.

 Kiki Kimono | Gottex | Veronika Kimono

So are you one of the fall brides that decided to go with an outdoor event and chance the chill?  You might need some sleeves…

Gorgeous bolero and wrap designs by an aunt/niece fashion team in Ireland – Bonzie + Ger
Would you wear a wedding bolero? Pick a favorite!

These do not have anything to do with fall…but I like them.  They’re perfect for making a statement if you haven’t done so already with your dress or jewelry. 

 Forgo the veil for Austie

Essentials – in my opinion – for any wedding after Labor Day, no matter if it’s inside, outside, pink, or orange:  Brown sugar gingerbread cookies and caramel apples. The end, sign me up, RSVP yes.

 Treats by Whimsy and Spice | Tags by Crafty Pagan

Now I want to hear from all my September ~ October ~ November brides! (and everybody else too, of course)


So.  I’m going on vacation **happy dance** this Sunday through next Monday.  No lie – I’m having a bit of anxiety about not having my blog, Twitter, and Facebook for that many days.  {a bit = a lot} Lucky for you I have a fantastic round up of guest bloggers for next week so the blog will not go dark; come often and show them LOVE!

Truly, I am so lucky. I put out a Tweet about volunteers to fill in for me  and I had the week booked in five minutes. Not only that, but they are all brides. Every single one of them. 
You don’t know how that thrills me. I love all of the other vendors, planners, inspirators, and designers I connect with on Twitter but my target audience is obviously brides… and my audience is the best.


Oh and when I get back – I am going to overdose you on Real Weddings and Real Engagement shoots.  So excited! Here’s a sneak peek:


Don’t be left out! Submit your photos to: Submit [at] NicheWhite [dot] com!


Have a great week….Don’t forget about me!!


3 responses

  1. I look like a linebacker [thank you swimming in highschool] so boleros DO NOT flatter my body. But you know how I love me some rosettes so…they are adorable anyway!

    September 10, 2010 at 2:38 PM

  2. Cindy

    I LOVE THOSE PUPPIES! So stinking cute.

    And I know you already know this, but I am so so so SO excited to be your guest blogger! 🙂

    September 10, 2010 at 2:41 PM

  3. 1.) Your post gave me freaking chills all around.

    2.) So excited to be a guest blogger.

    3.) I’m a November bride, but fall doesn’t exist in Mexico (or in Arizona) so I’m TOTALLY in limbo.

    4.) As for introducing me to the awesomeness of Bonzie and Ger… I have just one thing to say: How dare you. How. Dare you.

    September 10, 2010 at 4:44 PM

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