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Wedding Grammar 101 [Guest Post]

{From NW} Programming note: I will be on vacation this Monday through Friday but don’t fret! Amazing guest bloggers are lined up – all brides! – so keep checking in every day for great tips, inspiration, and eye candy. First up…

Surprise! This is Hollie from Thrifty in White filling in for Nicole while she lives the rough life on vacation. Anybody else absolutely green with envy?

Anyhoodle, let me take a brief moment and proclaim my love for Nicole & Niche White. Seriously, the gal makes me feel like a stalker because her blog posts are so wonderful I have to keep revisiting on a constant basis. And this might be crossing a line of creepiness, but the other night (after late-night Tweeting with her) I had a dream she was my wedding coordinator. And guess what? In dreamland, she did an uh-maz-ing job.

Now that I’ve spilled my guts all over her blog in my first-ever guest post, I figured I would share something dear to my heart, super basic, and ultra necessary.

Photo source; all wedding grammar added by yours truly.

I realize some of us have been out of school-mode for more years than we’d like to admit (ahem), so this Wedding Grammar 101 lesson is intermixed with some absolutely delish looks for the guys and gals who make your worlds go ‘round—the wedding party.

The first lesson is based on something I saw with my own two eyes at a wedding a few months ago. I went into the church, picked up a program, and this glaring mistake practically jumped off the paper and assaulted me:

Vintage-inspired tea dresses right over here.

We can collectively agree that the ladies do all look fab in those vintage-inspired frocks, but that wedding grammar is not so pretty. The rule: One maid of honor. Two maids of honor. Multiple girls (maids), all equally full of honor.

And while we’re on the whole “which word ends in –s” topic, let’s visit another common mistake, shall we?

Love the idea of a “Wear it a million times in a million different ways” convertible bridesmaid dress.

Pop quiz time! Which would you say?
A) “I’m so glad we’re sister!”
B) “I’m so glad we’re sisters!”

If you guessed B, you’re right! So get pumped you’re going to be sisters and tack on the in-law [sans the -s] for some grammatically correct excitement.

Onto the next lesson (and more wedding party eye candy)…

The Liberty Print ties by Elise Bergman = ohhhhhhhhmygosh.

Love (!!!) the ties, and love the proper uses of your and you’re even more:
You’re welcome!”
Your wedding was absolutely stunning!”

Elise Bergman’s multi-wrap dress, which I own (and didn’t wear as a bridesmaid).
Best thing to ever happen to my wardrobe.

Let’s correctly use each word in a wedding-ish sentence:

“…announce the marriage of their daughter Fanny McBride.”
There are so many ways to wear this multi-wrap bridesmaid dress after the wedding!”
They’re going to have such a blast on their Parisian honeymoon.”

Is this too basic for you? Sorry, but I’m thinking you might want to avoid a disaster of this magnitude:

Ouch. Photo source

Congratulations! You’ve almost passed your first lesson of Wedding Grammar 101. But there’s one final thing that all almost-engaged, almost-married and already-hitched people must remember:

Loved this dress at first sight, then realized it’s by Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall. Double whammy!

You’re not marrying yourself, and it’s not just your wedding. Always replace my with OUR and live happily ever after.

-Hollie @ Thrifty in White


3 responses

  1. Love this. Hilarious.

    September 13, 2010 at 11:43 AM

  2. Jen

    Oh girl…you’RE amazing!!!! You make me smile, giggle..all kinds of laughing going on here. 🙂

    September 13, 2010 at 12:03 PM

  3. LemonBride

    For serious, what a great piece. It’s easy to forget how many grammatical errors people make in everyday life and as an English major/grammar nazi, I can overlook it. But on your wedding day, it’s just so important! I’m always reading how important small details are on the wedding day and this is definitely included!! Thanks for this lady 😉

    September 19, 2010 at 6:32 PM

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