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Dear Niche White: [Guest Post]

{From NW}  Today’s guest blogger is Joanie from Word to the Brides – please read and advise! Help a sister out.   Also: Being in Freeport, Bahamas could not keep me from my Friday Pretties! Check ’em out here. After you advise Joanie.

What to do when you’re in a fight and it’s totally and completely not your fault*

*It’s mostly your fault.

 Today, the fiancé and I are in a fight. I really couldn’t tell you what about other than my battery died and we spent the afternoon driving around in 110 degree heat which, if you do some research, you’ll find is actually the boiling point of logic. And happiness. Add a dash of yet ANOTHER summer cold (me) and a heaping lack of sleep (him) and you’ve got two people ready to snap. Oh yeah, and our destination wedding is less than two months away and I still don’t have décor or A/V equipment. No big deal.

 After six years together our solution when temperaments rise has always been to walk away and come back later before we explode. But even then there’s that painful in-between time when you’re all alone and hoping to God your significant other has cooled off enough to finally see things your way and will think twice about dropping everything to jump your battery and then proceed to go a heart-stopping 50 mph in a 45 with your freshly-hemmed wedding dress in the trunk.

Did I mention he rescued a baby from being run over last week by darting out into rush-hour traffic?

Yeah. I’m an asshole.

So what do you do when you find yourself in the wrong for once in your life?

No, really. I’m asking. Little help here.


One response

  1. Alicia

    NEVER admit you are wrong Joanie! It starts a vicious cycle! J/k. Make him some delicious food, he’ll be over it in no time. The biggest bonus about men… they don’t hold grudges like their female counterparts nor do they like prolonged arguments.

    In regards to decorations, you can use anything I used during my wedding which will be done and over when yours arrives!! Or look at today’s post for some fabulous beach decor using ribbons!

    September 17, 2010 at 11:47 AM

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