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You Me Cake

This particular Monday is not the one for you to be starting a diet…so I hope that wasn’t in your plan for today.  Why? Because I’ve got cake! Nine Cakes to be exact.  This fantastic cake studio in Brooklyn has beautiful cake designs and they just look absolutely delicious too – but until I can get up North I’ll have to take the word of everyone who is raving over Betsy (baker and owner). 

{Before I go on I have to tell you that this blog title is in reference to the birthday card my nephew handmade me this year; the main stick figure illustration was captioned “You Me Cake”…he knows my heart well!}

In addition to all of the cakes being made to order, Nine Cakes offers “seasonal flavor pairings“; here are some of the current fall favorites:

~ Pumpkin Walnut ~
~ Caramel Apple ~
~ Almond Pear ~
~ Pomegranate ~
~ Chocolate Caramel Cloud ~

Is your mouth watering yet? I know, mine too! And you haven’t even seen the pictures yet! But first….this is how she does a tasting:

Lots of little cupcakes with lots of buttercream frosting options for you to experiment with. One word, three syllables: Bah-rill-iant!  OK let’s look at some final products….

So many other beautiful pics in her gallery, check it out for your wedding cake inspiration!

And now – I am in serious need of a cupcake.

P.S. All this week we’re doing Halloween posts in addition to the regular goodness ~
Check out today’s Halloweenie here – Black Widow Martinis!


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