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Cozy Sunday ~ Apartment Makeover

I’ve been reminding friends on Twitter and Facebook for the past few days that this weekend was Daylight Savings Time…but I just now realized – what’s the point? Everything updates itself these days! Except my microwave clock. 

Anyway… In the quest to redecorate my bedroom and bathroom I’ve been searching for interior design inspiration in my “free” time.  I put “free” in quotations because it’s never free, it’s just time I’ve taken away from somethine else.  I came across this gloriously dark apartment and immediately thought “If I were still single, this is what I would do!”…and then I saw it was a recent redesign and the apartment used to be considerably lighter.  Either way, I envy it.

{As seen on}

Do you like? Which one is more up your alley? My husband would not go for either of these, so I’m going to have to settle for trying to talk him into a ruffled shower curtain


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