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Weekend Recap

Welcome to Monday…how’s it treating you so far? Mine is pretty good, except I’m cold and fighting the urge to crawl back in bed!  I thought a good way to start off this week would be to recap some of the wedding stuff that happened this past weekend.  After all, maybe you have more of a life than I do and missed some of it? 🙂

~ First up….The Most Ridiculous Wedding Event Ever 2
This event, put on and hosted by Mindy Weiss,  is  fabulous….and ridiculous.  This year’s speakers included Christy Weber {Junebug Weddings}, Simon T. Baily {founder of the Brilliance Institute}, Randy Fenoli {Say Yes to the Dress}, and Elizabeth Messina {Kiss the Groom}, just to name a few. 

As with other wedding professional events, some lucky attendees were kind enough to tweet the good stuff!  Here are some pics:

Cereal Bar and Yogurt Parfaits
I love the cereal in jars! Perfect to have on hand for “the big day” while a bride and her maids are getting ready.

A chip bar!
You can’t tell me you don’t love this – it’s just so smart and simple, and sure to be appreciated by guests at the end of a long night of dancing (and drinking?)!  As you can see from the labels, these are just good ol’ Lays and Tostitos dumped into a jar with pretty packaging.  Presentation makes such a big difference.

{Sidenote: Wanna see Mindy’s first go at a chip bar?}

~ Next up:  A wedding by JL_Designs {twitter}
This just looks so….November.  If you’re a fall 2011 bride this is your inspiration!! If not….carry it into your Thanksgiving decor for next week.  If you don’t follow Carissa already today would be a good day to start – she promises to post more pics of this event!

~ And in celebrity wedding news…

Jessica Simpson is engaged to sometimes-NFL player Eric Johnson.  If you’re keeping score, here are some stats:

1. Jess and Eric went public with their relationship just this past May. 
2. Jessica’s ex-husband Nick Lachey just announced his engagement to Vanessa Minnillo last week.
3. Eric Johnson’s divorce from his first wife was finalized in October.

It’s not in my nature to poo-poo marriage but I’m not overly confident this wedding will actually happen… In the meantime, here’s a bad-quality pic of the ruby engagement ring (ruby is Simpson’s birthstone):

~ LeAnne Rimes’ ex-husband (the one she cheated on) is newly engaged.  Chef Dean Sheremet plans to wed photographer Sarah Silver next summer in NYC.  

~ Stephanie LaGrossa (from Survivor) and Kyle Kendrick (from the Philadelphia Phillies) marry ~ and it looked beautiful! With dogs as their ring bearer and flower girl, a Priscilla of Boston dress, and platinum rings exchanged in Napa…what more could any newlyweds want?!


Whew! I think that’s it!! The post is a bit late because I was trolling the web looking for any news that may have just been released this morning but I didn’t see anything good.  Share all of your thoughts on any and all of this!  Specifically: What do you think of Messica (typo, I’m keeping it) Simpson’s engagement?  I wish them well but…well…she is just so in love with love, I think she would accept anyone’s proposal.  We shall see!


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One response

  1. Cindy

    I’m also pretty skeptical about Jessica Simpson’s engagement…the timing just seems too convenient to me!

    November 15, 2010 at 3:18 PM

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