Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!

Down for the Count

{TGIFestive} was all planned out for today and then….. my laptop crashed. Yep, my practically brand new laptop. Nothing but a blank screen and my tears. 😦 I feel so lost! Geek Squad will be on the case, though, and I hope to be fully functioning again by Monday at the latest.

Don’t ask me where and how I’m even posting this, I don’t want to embarrass myself. 🙂 Here’s a small piece of what today was supposed to be:

Remember on Wednesday I showed you the easy DIY yarn poms? (I would love to link you but now WordPress is freaking out on me too)  Here’s something else you can do with them!

I know this is Christmas-y, but you could apply the same idea to wrapping your bridesmaids gifts or even use them to top favor boxes on your reception tables.  This picture is courtesy of Sweet Paul’s holiday magazine.  Again, I can’t link so you’re going to have to Google…

So, to sum up today –
Bad things: ASUS and WordPress
Good things: Yarn poms…and hope

Have a great weekend and send good tech thoughts my way!


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