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Fun With….Wrapping Paper

An easy, inexpensive way to add some pretty and cohesive details at your event (wedding or otherwise) is with…wrapping paper! Obviously you want to pick good quality, heavy paper to work with and not the flimsy stuff; craft stores usually have a great supply and especially at this time of year.  I took two complimentary paper designs and did three quick things (hey, it’s Sunday night) but if you use your imagination the sky is the limit!

All you need for these projects are the wrapping paper, scissors, and double-sided tape.  First, I made little cupcake flags (you’ll also need toothpicks for these) ~

I cut off a rectangular swatch of paper and folded it in half.  From the folded side I cut out shapes – triangles, banners, zig-zags, whatever strikes your fancy. Then I laid each shape out flat, applied a piece of tape, set a toothpick in the middle and then folded the shape back over itself.  Ta-da!

Then, obviously, insert into delicious cupcakes (these are spice with cinnamon-vanilla frosting):

NEXT: I decorated the top of my dessert Mason (uh, Kerr) jars:

{These are Pumpkin Trifles – delicious and so simple: spice cake, pumpkin pudding, and Cool Whip}

Again, this is super easy. I took the top of one of the jars and traced as many circles as I had jars (on the BACK of the paper).  I cut them out – it doesn’t have to be perfect – and then used the double-sided tape to attach each paper circle to it’s lid.

For an extra little touch, I cut thin strips from the second roll of paper and wrapped them around the outside of the lid ~

You can see that I also used this second paper (the red checks) to line the top of the pie safe where the desserts are displayed ~

And lastly, if you really like your wrapping paper you can use it as a table runner! I really stress high quality paper if you decide to do this.  In the pictures below the paper is more like a tablecloth – I don’t recommend it. Take the time to measure and trim, and don’t forget to tape it down!  


If your wedding is far too formal to have wrapping paper as decor, keep this easy idea in mind for more casual events – the shower, bridal luncheon, etc.  Affordable and pretty is a winner every time. 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me…these things were easy to do but I’ve still made a total mess of my kitchen! Tip: pick up the scraps of paper as you go!


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One response

  1. Love it! Such a great idea! I am going to work on incorporating some of this into some sort of festivity!

    November 22, 2010 at 1:38 PM

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