Upgrade to a Bride's Maid!


Take a Look!

Well, just go ahead and color me late to the party.  It wasn’t until this week that I finally caught a glimpse of Ruche’s winter lookbook….but there sure as heck is some winter left so I guess I’m not that late. 😉

Maybe you haven’t seen it yet either so I thought I would go ahead and share some of my favorite pretties to send you into the weekend on a good great note.

My very, very favorite (and you’ll soon see that’s a big statement…so much gorgeous stuff!) are the ‘alternative bridesmaid dresses’. I have always loved patterned frocks for the girls – you will SHINE no matter what they wear, so why not pick something good….and interesting…and (gasp!) a dress they can maybe wear again for real.

Can you even pick a favorite?! I’m torn between the first one with the flower sash, and the plaid… good thing I’m not trying to make a decision in real life!


Then there’s this ~ (get ready to swoon!)

Perfect for just about anything: ceremony, reception, or going-away dress! But I would want to wear it for as long as possible…


And don’t forget threads for when you’re the wedding guest – or whatever else you have going on this winter: Outerwear, glam wear (including a muff! The perfect alternative to gloves), and jewelry.


Don’t you love it all? And don’t worry that I’m teasing by showing you amazing stuff you’ll fall in love with only to discover it’s super expensive….these prices are completely reasonable! So go SHOP! I’ll be getting my first order together this weekend – true story.


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Couture Headpieces ~ Sara Gabriel Collection

A Sunday evening spent searching for hair inspiration left me….well, uninspired.  Yes of course I found a handful of hairstyles I could swoon over (maybe on the blog later?) but the most beautiful thing I stumbled across were things to go in your hair!

Below is just a small sampling of headpieces from Sara Gabriel.  Not only are they pretty to set your eyes on, but they are individually cut, hand finished, and each piece can be completely customized.  These are worthy of saving and passing down to brides in your family for years to come.

After “ooo-ing and ahhh-ing” here, jump over to Sara’s site to see so much more: traditional veils, more headpieces, sashes, and jewelry.


michal headband + veil

mildred, sakura, aubrey

regina hat and dotty hat

alice and jaclyn


I don’t have any events coming up in the forseeable future to justify me buying one of these but I am at least going to copy her make-up!

Are you sticking to a traditional veil, a bridcage veil, or just a beautiful headpiece?  So many brides change from a ceremony to reception dress, so why not have also do a “hair change”? I think it’s a fun idea! Especially if it means you get to buy one of these. 😉

Leg Up

The very best reason for getting a gorgeous, to-die-for garter? Because only your husband will see it 😉

{Florrie Mitton}

Gals, if you invest in one of these and want to do the garter toss – remember to buy an additional cheaper one! You’ll want to keep this one forever. The third one is my favorite…how about you?