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Do It Yarnself

I am slightly embarrassed with my attempt at title humor.  Forgive me? It’s no secret that the writing portion of blog posts is not my strong point so just move on along  and get to the pictures!

Yarn poms are definitely not a new idea, and neither are yarn pom flowers.  I’m trying to practice my craftiness, though, so I bought two skeins of yarn and went to work! I thought the yellow ones could sorta-kinda-maybe be an alternative to Billy Balls (Craspedia) if you find yourself with more time than money in your wedding planning journey. 

Obviously you could spend more time shaping them for a more polished look.  I really love how the white turned out though! It reminds me of cotton.

I basically followed these instructions for the pom flowers, but cut the strings down once the loops were tied.  Then I shaped and shaped and shaped! (Hey, if you have any ideas on what I can do with tons of scrap yarn fuzz, let me know!)  Green floral wire was my quick stem for today’s purpose. 

The yarn ball flowers are just yarn wrapped around a small styrofoam form. 

For cost estimating purposes, here’s my breakdown:

Yarn ~ $2.29 per skein (you could make approximately a zillion poms out of 1 skein)
Styrofoam balls ~ $3.00 for 12
Floral Wire ~ $2.50 for 115 feet

Ta-da! What do you think? I hope you don’t hate it because they will make a cameo appearance again tomorrow in a centerpiece idea I’m working on…



Bottles of Light

This is such a beautiful piece of decor, and it’s a DIY project!  There are several steps and it may seem intimidating (it’s not as bad as it might sounds) but the result is very worth the effort!

This would be a stunning way to decorate a plain-Jane reception venue or your home during the holidays.  It’s also useful year round – removing the snowflake ornament makes it instantly ready to light up your backyard during a summer barbecue or light the path for Trick-or-Treaters!

{See the full tutorial on Design Mom}


Wedding Ornament!

I love the variety of things you can do with clear ornaments! Your own creativity is the limit…I’ve seen a lot of good stuff out there on the interwebz.  Megan from High Tops & Lace made this for her newlywed sister:

Pretty cute, huh?! Proves that thoughtful, special gifts don’t have to cost much.


{TGIF} Thank Goodness It’s…Follicle

Follicle?! Yeah that’s kinda weak.  But in my defense we are going to “oooh” and “aaah” over hair stuff today.  I would be more than happy to accept F words you find more acceptable. 🙂 (No bad words. I didn’t really need to tell you that, did I?)

Oh and for the record ~ I hope you’ve been enjoying the gift guides this week, themed around the lyrics of “A Few of My Favorite Things”! It’s been a lot of fun so far, but I decided to take today off and tackle the rest of the song/gifts this weekend.  Are you familiar with the song? Interested in guest posting? Email me, I’d love to have you!

OK onto the hair inspiration…
Most of these are from ban.do ~ if you haven’t been shopping there then rush right over!
Isn’t the red hair gor-geous?

Some pieces that are a little more ‘bridal’:

{Veil above is from YJ Design}

How are you wearing your hair on the big day? It’s actually a bigger decision than most brides initially think! You have to consider the style of your dress, what type of headpiece/veil you’d like to wear, what looks good on you, and weather (who wants hair sticking to a sweaty neck or going limp after an hour?) 

I suggest making an inspiration folder and then Right Click-Save to your heart’s content!


I’m throwing in a DIY project….and it has nothing to do with follicles! Geez that title was just stinky from the get-go, huh? Anyway.  This requires minimal materials, is very easy, and the result is versatile. Perrrrrfect.

Yarn Covered Chargers



See how cute? Great for your reception as well as home-hosted events.
Don’t forget the details at your engagement party and/or bridal shower!

{See full tutorial from Carter and Cook Event Company HERE}


Whew.  I hope as you all read this you are headed into/in the middle of a great weekend! Who’s braving the mall? Me! I also have high hopes of getting a haircut/highlights, working on some projects, and getting to our family Christmas party Saturday night in one piece. AND I want to walk around my neighborhood and take pictures of all the crappy Christmas lights to share with you! See you back here Monday.

OH, PS: Please come visit me on Tumblr! It’s such fun to turn off the wedding chatter sometimes and just dive into other good stuff – fashion, recipes, celebrity gossip, interior design, etc.  You don’t have to have an account to check me out. 🙂

Fun With….Wrapping Paper

An easy, inexpensive way to add some pretty and cohesive details at your event (wedding or otherwise) is with…wrapping paper! Obviously you want to pick good quality, heavy paper to work with and not the flimsy stuff; craft stores usually have a great supply and especially at this time of year.  I took two complimentary paper designs and did three quick things (hey, it’s Sunday night) but if you use your imagination the sky is the limit!

All you need for these projects are the wrapping paper, scissors, and double-sided tape.  First, I made little cupcake flags (you’ll also need toothpicks for these) ~

I cut off a rectangular swatch of paper and folded it in half.  From the folded side I cut out shapes – triangles, banners, zig-zags, whatever strikes your fancy. Then I laid each shape out flat, applied a piece of tape, set a toothpick in the middle and then folded the shape back over itself.  Ta-da!

Then, obviously, insert into delicious cupcakes (these are spice with cinnamon-vanilla frosting):

NEXT: I decorated the top of my dessert Mason (uh, Kerr) jars:

{These are Pumpkin Trifles – delicious and so simple: spice cake, pumpkin pudding, and Cool Whip}

Again, this is super easy. I took the top of one of the jars and traced as many circles as I had jars (on the BACK of the paper).  I cut them out – it doesn’t have to be perfect – and then used the double-sided tape to attach each paper circle to it’s lid.

For an extra little touch, I cut thin strips from the second roll of paper and wrapped them around the outside of the lid ~

You can see that I also used this second paper (the red checks) to line the top of the pie safe where the desserts are displayed ~

And lastly, if you really like your wrapping paper you can use it as a table runner! I really stress high quality paper if you decide to do this.  In the pictures below the paper is more like a tablecloth – I don’t recommend it. Take the time to measure and trim, and don’t forget to tape it down!  


If your wedding is far too formal to have wrapping paper as decor, keep this easy idea in mind for more casual events – the shower, bridal luncheon, etc.  Affordable and pretty is a winner every time. 🙂

Now if you’ll excuse me…these things were easy to do but I’ve still made a total mess of my kitchen! Tip: pick up the scraps of paper as you go!


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Just the Cutest…

Yarn poms! They are super cute, super easy, super fast, and super cheap…what else could you want in DIY wedding decor?! Oh, and versatile!

As seen on {City Cradle Design}
Full tutorial on {Project Wedding}

** Pssst…I am guest posting today! Stay tuned for that link and follow-up blog later this morning! **


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A Consistent Theme = A Good Theme

What do you get when an Etsy artist has a handmade wedding?  You’re about to find out…

Jenn of Monkey and Squirrel married her sweetheart Evan in a Day of the Dead themed, 100% vegan, mostly DIY’ed wedding.  You can’t help but notice how well their theme is carried out – extremely important when it comes to themes! Take a look, and take notes.

They tied the knot in an old dairy barn that had been renovated.

The  bride and groom designed the save-the-dates, invites, programs, and escort cards themselves.

Jenn made the cake-topper herself – the clothes even match their own!
She designed it after falling in love with
this one.

 “Little sugar skulls also appeared in other aspects of our wedding: the boutonnieres that I made for our groomsmen, the ring bearer’s pillow and Evan’s vest all had tiny skull buttons as finishing details.” ~ Jenn

As for their attire? Evan’s mom made his vest and the bride’s dress!

Photos: Matthew Miller Photography | As seen on: Etsy Weddings


Are you having – or thinking about having – a theme for your wedding? How do you plan to incorporate it? Share!