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If you keep up with this blog on a semi-regular basis then you are well aware that my fashion obsession pretty closely rivals my wedding obsession.  In addition to centerpieces, lighting, and flowers, I also spend a lot of time swooning over gowns, shoes, and jewelry.  Sometimes the styling is just so right I have to share it with anyone who will take a look!

This is one of those times.

More often than not, bridesmaids are put in colorful frocks and then subdued shoes and jewelry. This look {above} does the opposite and it’s fantastic! The neutral dresses have gorgeous detail, and pops of pink tie the whole outfit into the wedding palette. Do you love it?!

/As seen on Style Me Pretty/Dress ~ Love by Enzoani/Necklace ~ Murphy Jewelry/

I was inspired to put together a couple of looks with a beige core and colorful accessories:

Coral is my favorite color for this spring!
Dress | Necklace | Shoes

Necklace | Shoes | Dress


Is this something you like or do you prefer more color?

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Wedding Outfitters

MOST of you probably already know that the Urban Outfitters  company (also operating Free People and Anthropologie) will debut a wedding line this coming Monday named BHLDN {pronounced “beholden”}. Well the world wide webz is all atwitter as sneak peeks were revealed today! And let me tell you, these were very generous “sneaks”! I can only imagine what is left to share with us on Valentine’s Day.

You’re probably seeing them everywhere, so I’m going to skip the wedding dresses. Instead, I’ve picked a few of my favorite bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and accessories.


Do you have any favorites yet? The wedding gowns will run between $1000 and $4000 so if that’s way out of your budget….stick to loving the accessories! (like me!)

~All pictures via Aisle Dash – click on over to see about 49 more looks!~

A Surprising J.Crew Bridesmaid

You all are going to think I’ve completely lost my marbles this Monday morning, but stick with me! If you’ve been planning your wedding for any length of time you surely know not all brides have the same fashion sense, and thankfully we’ve gotten to a place where this is embraced.  You don’t want to wear white? Great!  Don’t want a long frilly ballgown? Fabulous! 

And what about your ‘maids? We’re all completely over the “put a big bow on their butts and make them ‘ugly’ ensembles”, right? Even so, maybe the dresses you’ve seen on the rack just don’t…jive with your wedding theme. Well please feel free – even excited! – to think outside of the traditional box.  If J.Crew just isn’t for you….think again. Maybe it is.

Scrap the idea of bridesmaids dresses all together!

Whoa! I know I probably just offended a bunch of you with this. A button down white shirt with a pencil skirt and cardigan? Have I lost my mind? No.  Add a great nude peep-toe, a long beautiful necklace, maybe a flower hair clip, and you’re in business for a casual garden wedding.

See? 😉

Love it! These ladies have the same basic uniform but chose shirts and accessories that worked for them.  Just another example of what an open mind can do for you! Added bonus: Your girls can honestly wear these clothes again!

** Would you consider this style for your bridesmaids? **


Cardigan, White Shirt, Pencil Skirt   ~ All from J.Crew (not actual clothes shown in wedding)
{Photos by Lang Photographers – go see this beautiful wedding HERE!}

Stone Cold Fox

Some brides don’t care about being called “Pretty” on their wedding day – they just want to be a stone cold fox. Maybe that bride will ditch the chiffon, trade a vintage vibe for something more….retro, and upgrade the typical strapless bridesmaids dresses to an off-the-shoulder stunner.  The perfect designer for this type of lady is {drumroll please} Stone_Cold_Fox. Perfect, right? 😉

How about these for the bride and her ‘maids?

Te Amo Gown and Bonita Dress

Having a hard time visualizing these coming down the aisle? Well, you’re in luck.  One of the partners of SCF made these for her sister’s wedding…

Do you recognize the bride? You might know her name/blog…
Go find out and see all of this truly amazing wedding on 100 Layer Cake.


You can see more of the Stone_Cold_Fox collections here, {Lady Bonita 2010 is my fave} and shop for their pieces at Revolve Clothing.  Three more dresses I love:

Don Juan Dress, Alice B Toklas, and Commune


What do you think? Is this your vibe or not so much? I really hope you’ll check out their site…I am most amazed that each piece is handmade and that they are so young! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of great stuff from SCF in the future.

Q is for Quail

Please excuse me, in advance, for all the gushing that’s about to happen in this post.

As most of you know, blogging is not my bread and butter. I do it just to get the Niche White name out there and to share inspiration with brides and fashionistas (and based on yesterday’s cupcake post, dessert lovers too 🙂 ) About 10 or 11 o’ clock each evening I start scouring the web and magazines for something I hope you’ll find amazing. Sometimes I settle…and sometimes I hit jackpot.

Today, you get jackpot.

Designer Michelle Nguyen Williams, creator of Quail, already had a fabulous line of tops, dresses, and outerwear (and more!) when she decided to go bridal.  Oh I’m so glad she did.  Her stuff is gorgeous and the prices are actually – gasp! – affordable. {Plus some great stuff is on sale right now}

{Marie Dress, Peony Gown}

The Peony Gown is actually two pieces – the Parisian Top paired with the Peony Skirt.  That gives you so many options! I love how Michelle paired the skirt with this T-shirt below (also available in her shop) ~ it’s a cute idea for a “Day After” photo session:

There are also TWO convertible dresses in the bridal line! So not only are her prices nice to your wallet, but you can get two dresses in one – color me happy.

{Parisian Gown}

Are you in love yet?! Well now it’s time for your bridesmaids~

{See dresses for bridesmaids here}

If you already have your dresses, you can still go check out her accessories and cover-ups! Plus you can see other brides that are gushing over her designs.

I wanted to post every.single.thing she has on her site but I’ll stop here. Please go get lost on her sites. 🙂


What’s your favorite thing??? I honestly think I could live in that Peony Skirt. Really, I do.


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