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Aaaaand We’re Back To Friday ~ Time For the Pretties!

Thank goodness!  This has been one doozy of a week, both professionally and on the home front.  More than once this week I have caught myself daydreaming about how “… one month ago today I was swimming off the shores of the Bahamas…”  Yet in reality here I am – trying to keep up with the blog, find my sweaters from last October, and figure out the best way  to juggle eleventy-hundred things at once.  Yes, that is a real number. 

One of the best things about this week is how much I learned about my blog readers! According to the stats and comments, you guys reeeeaaaaallly like Michael Kors, Nutella, and this dress… not in that order.  I hope today’s numbers surpass all three of those posts combined! 😉  Get going on that, would ya?

Before we get going on the pretty pretties, let me ask you ladies (any dudes out there?): Are you fully prepared to marry into your future spouse’s family?  Like, fully prepared? Let me give you a glimpse into the future, and let’s all pray to baby Jesus that my MIL doesn’t read this blog…..

{OK wait here’s a sneak peek of what’s coming – don’t jump ship yet!}

OK so back to the in-laws…… I just typed out tonight’s whole story but deleted it.  Instead I will tell you a funny story about my MIL from a long time ago:  She pulled her car up to the street curb at the back of their house.  She took off her seatbelt and opened the car door to see how close she was to the curb. Decision? Not close enough.  So – with the door still open! – she steered with one hand, held the door with the other hand, and tried to park closer…….

Somehow she fell out of the car and her arm got tangled in the seatbelt still draped over her shoulder….the car kept rolling and ran over her arm! NO, that’s not comical.  This part is:  after going to the ER and getting fixed up {she was pretty OK}, the police issued her a ticket for…. wait for it….not wearing her seatbelt while the vehicle was in motion.  Like running yourself over isn’t punishment enough?!

So.  That’s what you could be marrying into.  Just FYI.

OK! For real! Here we go with Pretties!


I just decided yesterday I was in love with gradient color details!  Obviously the dresses are my favorite (either for you or the bridesmaids), but the cake and favor boxes are also great.  Too much gradient can be bad, though, so my suggestion is to pick one detail and EMBRACE it!

Pink bridal dress | Purple and green bridesmaid dresses | Gray bridesmaids | Purple skirt | Pink bridesmaids dresses | Cake + Sparkle favor boxes


Yep, I’m a joiner.  We’re going to talk about succulents for a hot minute.  Can you even believe how popular they are right now?! Just like the moustaches on a stick thing, I’m going to admit that I kinda don’t get it. I mean, it’s kinda unique but I always think “cactus” when I see them. And to me cactus = hot, dry, blah.  But whatevs, to each her own. 

Just so I’m not a complete old fuddy duddy I thought I’d show you some that I dig:

Love these! I think the color helps a lot.

These are SUGAR!

Black rose succulents | Magnets | Tray of favors | Stationary | Sugar Succulents | Cake


And finally….. another Halloween event! This one is a rehearsal dinner – can you believe it? It’s so beautiful, and my favorite part is the vintage, black and white spooky theme.

Seen on Style Me Pretty | Location, The Confederate Home & College| Photography by Liz Banfield | Wedding coordination by Soiree | Invitations and paper goods by The Lettered Olive | brides dress by Lela Rose


That’s it! What did you think? Oh and we haven’t discussed yet – what are you being for Halloween? I have decided I’m putting on a candy buffet (like above) and s’mores roast for the neighborhood so I guess I should at least throw on a witch hat or something, right?  Any better ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone!

P.S.  My friend Alicia from The Charity Wedding is getting married today! Go over to the blog and wish her well. xoxo
{Plus I am the guest poster today for her wedding day! So honored!}


4 responses

  1. oooh pretties! I love the photos of the rockstar chick in the black and purple! excellent picks!

    October 15, 2010 at 3:26 AM

  2. LemonBride

    Great Halloween invitations at the bottom and I love that purple skirt on that cute girl up top. I’m gonna be Liz Lemon at work (family appropriate) while later that night I’ll be Black Widow from Iron Man 2 (hard to cut fudge or pull truffles in a one piece skintight jumpsuit, right?)

    October 15, 2010 at 10:43 AM

  3. Gorgeous cake and succulents!

    October 15, 2010 at 2:42 PM

  4. You’ve officially convinced me: An OMBRE-infused wedding is a must!!!!! I’m addicted to those affordable Etsy bridesmaid dresses, AH. Need, need, need.

    October 18, 2010 at 11:43 AM

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