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Do It Yarnself

I am slightly embarrassed with my attempt at title humor.  Forgive me? It’s no secret that the writing portion of blog posts is not my strong point so just move on along  and get to the pictures!

Yarn poms are definitely not a new idea, and neither are yarn pom flowers.  I’m trying to practice my craftiness, though, so I bought two skeins of yarn and went to work! I thought the yellow ones could sorta-kinda-maybe be an alternative to Billy Balls (Craspedia) if you find yourself with more time than money in your wedding planning journey. 

Obviously you could spend more time shaping them for a more polished look.  I really love how the white turned out though! It reminds me of cotton.

I basically followed these instructions for the pom flowers, but cut the strings down once the loops were tied.  Then I shaped and shaped and shaped! (Hey, if you have any ideas on what I can do with tons of scrap yarn fuzz, let me know!)  Green floral wire was my quick stem for today’s purpose. 

The yarn ball flowers are just yarn wrapped around a small styrofoam form. 

For cost estimating purposes, here’s my breakdown:

Yarn ~ $2.29 per skein (you could make approximately a zillion poms out of 1 skein)
Styrofoam balls ~ $3.00 for 12
Floral Wire ~ $2.50 for 115 feet

Ta-da! What do you think? I hope you don’t hate it because they will make a cameo appearance again tomorrow in a centerpiece idea I’m working on…