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Wedding Outfitters

MOST of you probably already know that the Urban Outfitters  company (also operating Free People and Anthropologie) will debut a wedding line this coming Monday named BHLDN {pronounced “beholden”}. Well the world wide webz is all atwitter as sneak peeks were revealed today! And let me tell you, these were very generous “sneaks”! I can only imagine what is left to share with us on Valentine’s Day.

You’re probably seeing them everywhere, so I’m going to skip the wedding dresses. Instead, I’ve picked a few of my favorite bridesmaids dresses, shoes, and accessories.


Do you have any favorites yet? The wedding gowns will run between $1000 and $4000 so if that’s way out of your budget….stick to loving the accessories! (like me!)

~All pictures via Aisle Dash – click on over to see about 49 more looks!~


A Surprising J.Crew Bridesmaid

You all are going to think I’ve completely lost my marbles this Monday morning, but stick with me! If you’ve been planning your wedding for any length of time you surely know not all brides have the same fashion sense, and thankfully we’ve gotten to a place where this is embraced.  You don’t want to wear white? Great!  Don’t want a long frilly ballgown? Fabulous! 

And what about your ‘maids? We’re all completely over the “put a big bow on their butts and make them ‘ugly’ ensembles”, right? Even so, maybe the dresses you’ve seen on the rack just don’t…jive with your wedding theme. Well please feel free – even excited! – to think outside of the traditional box.  If J.Crew just isn’t for you….think again. Maybe it is.

Scrap the idea of bridesmaids dresses all together!

Whoa! I know I probably just offended a bunch of you with this. A button down white shirt with a pencil skirt and cardigan? Have I lost my mind? No.  Add a great nude peep-toe, a long beautiful necklace, maybe a flower hair clip, and you’re in business for a casual garden wedding.

See? 😉

Love it! These ladies have the same basic uniform but chose shirts and accessories that worked for them.  Just another example of what an open mind can do for you! Added bonus: Your girls can honestly wear these clothes again!

** Would you consider this style for your bridesmaids? **


Cardigan, White Shirt, Pencil Skirt   ~ All from J.Crew (not actual clothes shown in wedding)
{Photos by Lang Photographers – go see this beautiful wedding HERE!}

I Have Just One Thing To Say…

…you better WORK. (Remember RuPaul? Anyone?)

This isn’t very wedding related but I couldn’t help showing off some of my favorites from the Spring 2011 Paris Haute Couture shows this week. And if you go into this thinking these are great potential outfits for brides, bridesmaids, and wedding guests then it’s sorta relevant to this blog. So let’s go with that. 🙂 We’re starting with Dior!

I love the grays with the spring-y colors, and you have no idea how much the return of gloves thrills me. Plus, how fabulous is the bandeau veil? {See how it translates into a bridal look here}

Next up: Elie Saab! I limited it to 8 looks but please know that I loved eeeeverything.

*Pictures courtesy of Fashion Gone Rogue.


Pack It!

Have you heard brides moan that wedding planning is a full time job? Yes? (Well offer to help them, geez!) But seriously, it is.  That’s why there are professionals to guide, encourage, advise, and actually make weddings their full time jobs!

I got way sidetracked there.  My point was this: part of the reason planning takes up so much time is because there’s more than just a wedding going on –  there are showers, parties, rehearsals, dinners, decisions, and….the HONEYMOON.  By the time you get to that, it’s almost more of a reward for surviving rather than alone/bonding time!

So make that part easy on yourself.

1. Go somewhere warm.

2. Buy these Rey Swimwear suits and pack them STAT!

These suits are perfectly retro but with a modern design… and I LOVE their motto!

{Photography by Kristin Rogers}


Aren’t these so cute? I love that they are completely fashionable yet modest. When you’re at the BEACH there’s nothing wrong with dressing like you’re at the BEACH, but some of us like a little more coverage! Visit the Rey Swimwear site to see the rest of this 2011 Collection plus other designs, and SHOP! Most styles are $49. 

Golden Monday

I tweeted my heart out last night during the Golden Globes! So much so, that I just don’t have anything to put into a blog post first thing this Monday….. don’t hate me?

I will show you my favorite look of the night, though, and you can catch the rest of the fashion round-up on my Tumblr account…just click HERE and enjoy!

Olivia Wilde in a gorgeous Marchesa dress and gold spikey Louboutins!

What was your favorite look of the night?


Take a Look!

Well, just go ahead and color me late to the party.  It wasn’t until this week that I finally caught a glimpse of Ruche’s winter lookbook….but there sure as heck is some winter left so I guess I’m not that late. 😉

Maybe you haven’t seen it yet either so I thought I would go ahead and share some of my favorite pretties to send you into the weekend on a good great note.

My very, very favorite (and you’ll soon see that’s a big statement…so much gorgeous stuff!) are the ‘alternative bridesmaid dresses’. I have always loved patterned frocks for the girls – you will SHINE no matter what they wear, so why not pick something good….and interesting…and (gasp!) a dress they can maybe wear again for real.

Can you even pick a favorite?! I’m torn between the first one with the flower sash, and the plaid… good thing I’m not trying to make a decision in real life!


Then there’s this ~ (get ready to swoon!)

Perfect for just about anything: ceremony, reception, or going-away dress! But I would want to wear it for as long as possible…


And don’t forget threads for when you’re the wedding guest – or whatever else you have going on this winter: Outerwear, glam wear (including a muff! The perfect alternative to gloves), and jewelry.


Don’t you love it all? And don’t worry that I’m teasing by showing you amazing stuff you’ll fall in love with only to discover it’s super expensive….these prices are completely reasonable! So go SHOP! I’ll be getting my first order together this weekend – true story.


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Wedding Look for….


Veil | Ring | Dress | Clutch | Shoes

I’m obviously on a black and white kick this week!  I love that the whole look – including shoes by Badgley Mischka – came together for under $1000! This dress is not only gorgeous but the sash comes in 20 different colors, so I dare you to say it won’t fit into your color palette.

I skipped earrings because of the veil I chose, and a necklace because of the 3D detail at the top of the dress. Creating outfit boards is such a fun exercise, and I encourage all brides to do a couple before “real life” shopping;  sometimes what you love in your head is different when you’re actually looking at it! It also helps to give you a better idea of a realistic wardrobe budget.

What are you looking for? Have you made a “Wedding Day” outfit board? Give it a whirl, or let me know and I’ll help you give it a whirl!


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