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If you keep up with this blog on a semi-regular basis then you are well aware that my fashion obsession pretty closely rivals my wedding obsession.  In addition to centerpieces, lighting, and flowers, I also spend a lot of time swooning over gowns, shoes, and jewelry.  Sometimes the styling is just so right I have to share it with anyone who will take a look!

This is one of those times.

More often than not, bridesmaids are put in colorful frocks and then subdued shoes and jewelry. This look {above} does the opposite and it’s fantastic! The neutral dresses have gorgeous detail, and pops of pink tie the whole outfit into the wedding palette. Do you love it?!

/As seen on Style Me Pretty/Dress ~ Love by Enzoani/Necklace ~ Murphy Jewelry/

I was inspired to put together a couple of looks with a beige core and colorful accessories:

Coral is my favorite color for this spring!
Dress | Necklace | Shoes

Necklace | Shoes | Dress


Is this something you like or do you prefer more color?

We’ve been nominated in The Lovelies 2011! Click here to vote!

Stone Cold Fox

Some brides don’t care about being called “Pretty” on their wedding day - they just want to be a stone cold fox. Maybe that bride will ditch the chiffon, trade a vintage vibe for something more….retro, and upgrade the typical strapless bridesmaids dresses to an off-the-shoulder stunner.  The perfect designer for this type of lady is {drumroll please} Stone_Cold_Fox. Perfect, right? ;)

How about these for the bride and her ‘maids?

Te Amo Gown and Bonita Dress

Having a hard time visualizing these coming down the aisle? Well, you’re in luck.  One of the partners of SCF made these for her sister’s wedding…

Do you recognize the bride? You might know her name/blog…
Go find out and see all of this truly amazing wedding on 100 Layer Cake.


You can see more of the Stone_Cold_Fox collections here, {Lady Bonita 2010 is my fave} and shop for their pieces at Revolve Clothing.  Three more dresses I love:

Don Juan Dress, Alice B Toklas, and Commune


What do you think? Is this your vibe or not so much? I really hope you’ll check out their site…I am most amazed that each piece is handmade and that they are so young! I’m looking forward to seeing lots of great stuff from SCF in the future.

My Dreams Have Come True

Jason Wu now has a bridal collection, exclusively available at Net-A-Porter. That’s it. That’s all I have to say about it, because the pictures are enough:

Tiered Tulle Gown

Bow-embellished silk-faille dress

Ruffled silk-chiffon camisole and silk-chiffon skirt

Embroidered tulle and silk tank and ostritch feather-embellished cotton skirt


There’s more, too. :) Go have a look.

‘White’ by Vera Wang

Very exciting! I got an email last night from David’s Bridal…with a sneak peek at a few of the dresses that will be released next month from the “White” collection by Vera Wang. And they are amazing! Can’t wait to see the full line. 


Aren’t they lovely? If you don’t have your dress yet, will you go check these out?

Dress of the Day!

This could’ve easily fallen under my new “The Bride, The Designer” category but since I don’t know much about this frock (yet!) it gets to be Dress of the Day! :)

Sharisa (the bride) designed this dress and had it made by a woman in Arizona. That’s all I know! So now you’re probably happy because you’ve seen such beauty, but sad because you can’t buy it.
I know. Very conflicting emotions.

See more of Sharisa + Rex in their elopement pictures on Ruffled!
If you love the dress, wait until you see the jewelry she wore…


And did you see the Valentine-y love shoot we shared earlier today? Keep scrolling….

Take a Look!

Well, just go ahead and color me late to the party.  It wasn’t until this week that I finally caught a glimpse of Ruche’s winter lookbook….but there sure as heck is some winter left so I guess I’m not that late. ;)

Maybe you haven’t seen it yet either so I thought I would go ahead and share some of my favorite pretties to send you into the weekend on a good great note.

My very, very favorite (and you’ll soon see that’s a big statement…so much gorgeous stuff!) are the ‘alternative bridesmaid dresses’. I have always loved patterned frocks for the girls – you will SHINE no matter what they wear, so why not pick something good….and interesting…and (gasp!) a dress they can maybe wear again for real.

Can you even pick a favorite?! I’m torn between the first one with the flower sash, and the plaid… good thing I’m not trying to make a decision in real life!


Then there’s this ~ (get ready to swoon!)

Perfect for just about anything: ceremony, reception, or going-away dress! But I would want to wear it for as long as possible…


And don’t forget threads for when you’re the wedding guest – or whatever else you have going on this winter: Outerwear, glam wear (including a muff! The perfect alternative to gloves), and jewelry.


Don’t you love it all? And don’t worry that I’m teasing by showing you amazing stuff you’ll fall in love with only to discover it’s super expensive….these prices are completely reasonable! So go SHOP! I’ll be getting my first order together this weekend – true story.


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A Sucker for Seersucker

I think it’s about time we get ready for Spring and Summer weddings, right?! Please. I think Winter weddings are beautiful {see above} but after a few weeks of the cold and snow I’m ready to cross over into warmth.

And if you’ve spent any amount of time here then you know my love of fashion rivals my love of weddings…so what better place to start than some thread inspiration for warm-weather weddings?

Let’s hear it for the boys! ~

Seersucker is a lightweight cotton material made popular in the South and often is blue-and-white striped, although other colors are available.  It is traditionally only acceptable to wear from Easter through Labor Day, but I think the most important thing is the weather; if it’s warm, wear it. :)

So not only is it a nice material for your summer nuptials but look how versatile it is! I love how the three grooms above have completely different looks and color schemes. Did you catch that pink polka-dot pocket square? So great.  See more of these fellas and their weddings: Navy and Yellow, Pink Bowtie, Blue Dots

Next up: Your ‘maids! ~

Another consideration for incorporating seersucker into your wedding is the time of day – for a brunch or afternoon event it’s perfect, but I wouldn’t recommend dressing anyone in it for an evening affair.  This material lends itself to a more casual gathering than an evening shindig.

So what do you think of the gals dressed up in ‘sucker? The girls above are in the traditional blue stripes, but like I said before there are lots of other color options.  Two dress designers that offer great ones are Lula Kate and Thread:

See Lula Kate’s color swatches HERE.

See Thread’s color swatches HERE.

Maybe you like the general concept of seersucker but don’t want it on your clothes? Or maybe the clothes aren’t enough and you want to use it for even more? Check out these invitations – which, by the way, the bride and groom did themselves after learning letterpress just for the occasion!

Seen on Oh So Beautiful Paper

And now…for The Showstopper…

Well, I actually can’t decide. So you tell me which deserves to be named “the best” of today’s Seersucker Collection. Is it the Bride or the Little Dudes?

Dress by Ian Stuart as seen at Bridal Market; pic by Southern Weddings

via Style Me Pretty


Whew! Who knew there was so much inspiration for a little piece of cotton? But there it is…do you like it? Have you considered it, or will you now?  I can’t wait to hear what you think and if you’re wearing it then naturally I can’t wait to SEE!  


Couture Headpieces ~ Sara Gabriel Collection

A Sunday evening spent searching for hair inspiration left me….well, uninspired.  Yes of course I found a handful of hairstyles I could swoon over (maybe on the blog later?) but the most beautiful thing I stumbled across were things to go in your hair!

Below is just a small sampling of headpieces from Sara Gabriel.  Not only are they pretty to set your eyes on, but they are individually cut, hand finished, and each piece can be completely customized.  These are worthy of saving and passing down to brides in your family for years to come.

After “ooo-ing and ahhh-ing” here, jump over to Sara’s site to see so much more: traditional veils, more headpieces, sashes, and jewelry.


michal headband + veil

mildred, sakura, aubrey

regina hat and dotty hat

alice and jaclyn


I don’t have any events coming up in the forseeable future to justify me buying one of these but I am at least going to copy her make-up!

Are you sticking to a traditional veil, a bridcage veil, or just a beautiful headpiece?  So many brides change from a ceremony to reception dress, so why not have also do a “hair change”? I think it’s a fun idea! Especially if it means you get to buy one of these. ;)

Leg Up

The very best reason for getting a gorgeous, to-die-for garter? Because only your husband will see it ;)

{Florrie Mitton}

Gals, if you invest in one of these and want to do the garter toss – remember to buy an additional cheaper one! You’ll want to keep this one forever. The third one is my favorite…how about you?



Q is for Quail

Please excuse me, in advance, for all the gushing that’s about to happen in this post.

As most of you know, blogging is not my bread and butter. I do it just to get the Niche White name out there and to share inspiration with brides and fashionistas (and based on yesterday’s cupcake post, dessert lovers too :) ) About 10 or 11 o’ clock each evening I start scouring the web and magazines for something I hope you’ll find amazing. Sometimes I settle…and sometimes I hit jackpot.

Today, you get jackpot.

Designer Michelle Nguyen Williams, creator of Quail, already had a fabulous line of tops, dresses, and outerwear (and more!) when she decided to go bridal.  Oh I’m so glad she did.  Her stuff is gorgeous and the prices are actually – gasp! – affordable. {Plus some great stuff is on sale right now}

{Marie Dress, Peony Gown}

The Peony Gown is actually two pieces – the Parisian Top paired with the Peony Skirt.  That gives you so many options! I love how Michelle paired the skirt with this T-shirt below (also available in her shop) ~ it’s a cute idea for a “Day After” photo session:

There are also TWO convertible dresses in the bridal line! So not only are her prices nice to your wallet, but you can get two dresses in one – color me happy.

{Parisian Gown}

Are you in love yet?! Well now it’s time for your bridesmaids~

{See dresses for bridesmaids here}

If you already have your dresses, you can still go check out her accessories and cover-ups! Plus you can see other brides that are gushing over her designs.

I wanted to post every.single.thing she has on her site but I’ll stop here. Please go get lost on her sites. :)


What’s your favorite thing??? I honestly think I could live in that Peony Skirt. Really, I do.


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Wedding Look for….


Veil | Ring | Dress | Clutch | Shoes

I’m obviously on a black and white kick this week!  I love that the whole look – including shoes by Badgley Mischka - came together for under $1000! This dress is not only gorgeous but the sash comes in 20 different colors, so I dare you to say it won’t fit into your color palette.

I skipped earrings because of the veil I chose, and a necklace because of the 3D detail at the top of the dress. Creating outfit boards is such a fun exercise, and I encourage all brides to do a couple before “real life” shopping;  sometimes what you love in your head is different when you’re actually looking at it! It also helps to give you a better idea of a realistic wardrobe budget.

What are you looking for? Have you made a “Wedding Day” outfit board? Give it a whirl, or let me know and I’ll help you give it a whirl!


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Dress of the Day – Blue by Enzoani

I love that the belt comes in black AND white.

Danbury, Blue By Enzoani


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The Bride, The Designer

I happened upon a gorgeous wedding.

See the stunning bride? A real beauty that can work to-die-for red lips:

And her groom…perfect in a classic tux plus a big, suede, modern bow tie.

They make such a lovely couple….a sweet pair.

And then… she raised the bar. Like, raised it.  Turns out the gorgeous bride is also a designer, and the bridesmaids wore a sampling of her “So Good I Can Hardly Stand It” Collection. 
{OK, that’s not really what it’s called…but it should be}

Whoa, right? WHOA.  

And that brings us to Vi Hoang’s brand, Dolly Pearl.  These pieces are beautifully crafted, designed to be ‘non-seasonal’, and are perfect as bridesmaids dresses….or not.  Rehearsal dinner? Bachelorette party to Miami? Engagement photos? Check, check, and check, plus any other reason you can think of to slip into ‘stunning’. Ah, can you tell I love them?!

These are just perfectly romantic to me (as if all my gushing didn’t already clue you in).
Please, go shop and let me be jealous.

{Beautiful wedding photography by Clayton Austin ~ You really should go see the rest of this wedding!}


So what do you think? Are you as in love as I am or are these styles not quite your cup of tea?  

{TGIF} Thank Goodness It’s…Follicle

Follicle?! Yeah that’s kinda weak.  But in my defense we are going to “oooh” and “aaah” over hair stuff today.  I would be more than happy to accept F words you find more acceptable. :) (No bad words. I didn’t really need to tell you that, did I?)

Oh and for the record ~ I hope you’ve been enjoying the gift guides this week, themed around the lyrics of “A Few of My Favorite Things”! It’s been a lot of fun so far, but I decided to take today off and tackle the rest of the song/gifts this weekend.  Are you familiar with the song? Interested in guest posting? Email me, I’d love to have you!

OK onto the hair inspiration…
Most of these are from ban.do ~ if you haven’t been shopping there then rush right over!
Isn’t the red hair gor-geous?

Some pieces that are a little more ‘bridal’:

{Veil above is from YJ Design}

How are you wearing your hair on the big day? It’s actually a bigger decision than most brides initially think! You have to consider the style of your dress, what type of headpiece/veil you’d like to wear, what looks good on you, and weather (who wants hair sticking to a sweaty neck or going limp after an hour?) 

I suggest making an inspiration folder and then Right Click-Save to your heart’s content!


I’m throwing in a DIY project….and it has nothing to do with follicles! Geez that title was just stinky from the get-go, huh? Anyway.  This requires minimal materials, is very easy, and the result is versatile. Perrrrrfect.

Yarn Covered Chargers



See how cute? Great for your reception as well as home-hosted events.
Don’t forget the details at your engagement party and/or bridal shower!

{See full tutorial from Carter and Cook Event Company HERE}


Whew.  I hope as you all read this you are headed into/in the middle of a great weekend! Who’s braving the mall? Me! I also have high hopes of getting a haircut/highlights, working on some projects, and getting to our family Christmas party Saturday night in one piece. AND I want to walk around my neighborhood and take pictures of all the crappy Christmas lights to share with you! See you back here Monday.

OH, PS: Please come visit me on Tumblr! It’s such fun to turn off the wedding chatter sometimes and just dive into other good stuff – fashion, recipes, celebrity gossip, interior design, etc.  You don’t have to have an account to check me out. :)

Corpse Bride

I’m sticking with an “over-the-top” theme ~ Today’s Halloween post is a look at the crazy beautiful Corpse Bride spread in Vogue Korea, shot by Zo Sun Hin.

{As seen on Haute Macabre}

Happy Fall Y’All!

My mom has/had a little sign that says this in her house starting every October! I get such a kick out of it.  But anyway, happy fall y’all!  Today starts the autumn season, although I think it’s not official until something like 11 pm tonight. Let’s go ahead with this post anyway, shall we?

The Knot

In honor of the day I’m throwing out some inspiration for the fall brides of 2011 (you 2010 ladies are set, right?)  If you want to incorporate some fall decoration by way of pumpkins but aren’t really loving the orange look – how about white pumpkins? 

They’re a very neutral element and will more than likely enhance any color palette or other details you’re planning for your reception. 

Pumpkin + Brooch | Pumpkins + Candles Centerpiece | Small Pumpkin Centerpiece | DIY Lanterns

Put your carving skills to use and create a pumpkin photo op:

 J {heart} L

How about just the smell of pumpkins? These would be cute – and useful – fall favors, or as part of a gift bag for your bridesmaids!  I’m thisclose to ordering some just for me.

Pumpkin Brulee Soap | Country Pumpkin Pie Soap | Porcelain Lace Candle Holder | Pumpkin Pie Organic Shea Body Scrub

So are we all hyped up for Fall now?! Good.  Too bad it’s going to be 90 degrees here today.

In other news….  I missed SO MUCH while I was away last week!  Kelly McGillis and Eddie Vedder got married [not to each other], some guy from Kings of Leon got engaged as did Michael Grimm – who, by the way, I watched win America’s Got Talent from my stateroom! He is so awesome. If you don’t know him, do yourself a favor and go Google right now.  We’ll wait….

See? I love him and I love that he popped the question on The Ellen Show.  Would you like a big public proposal like that or would you be embarrased beyond belief?  At least you would definitely have it on film! 

You know what else I missed? Um, Fashion Week!!  Here are some of my favorite looks from Badgley Mischka:

My own personal Showstopper:

Which one is your favorite? I swear I’m going to marry one of those boys one day! {Highly unlikely for a buncha different reasons but a fashionista wannabe can dream}


Wedding Grammar 101 [Guest Post]

{From NW} Programming note: I will be on vacation this Monday through Friday but don’t fret! Amazing guest bloggers are lined up – all brides! – so keep checking in every day for great tips, inspiration, and eye candy. First up…

Surprise! This is Hollie from Thrifty in White filling in for Nicole while she lives the rough life on vacation. Anybody else absolutely green with envy?

Anyhoodle, let me take a brief moment and proclaim my love for Nicole & Niche White. Seriously, the gal makes me feel like a stalker because her blog posts are so wonderful I have to keep revisiting on a constant basis. And this might be crossing a line of creepiness, but the other night (after late-night Tweeting with her) I had a dream she was my wedding coordinator. And guess what? In dreamland, she did an uh-maz-ing job.

Now that I’ve spilled my guts all over her blog in my first-ever guest post, I figured I would share something dear to my heart, super basic, and ultra necessary.

Photo source; all wedding grammar added by yours truly.

I realize some of us have been out of school-mode for more years than we’d like to admit (ahem), so this Wedding Grammar 101 lesson is intermixed with some absolutely delish looks for the guys and gals who make your worlds go ‘round—the wedding party.

The first lesson is based on something I saw with my own two eyes at a wedding a few months ago. I went into the church, picked up a program, and this glaring mistake practically jumped off the paper and assaulted me:

Vintage-inspired tea dresses right over here.

We can collectively agree that the ladies do all look fab in those vintage-inspired frocks, but that wedding grammar is not so pretty. The rule: One maid of honor. Two maids of honor. Multiple girls (maids), all equally full of honor.

And while we’re on the whole “which word ends in –s” topic, let’s visit another common mistake, shall we?

Love the idea of a “Wear it a million times in a million different ways” convertible bridesmaid dress.

Pop quiz time! Which would you say?
A) “I’m so glad we’re sister!”
B) “I’m so glad we’re sisters!”

If you guessed B, you’re right! So get pumped you’re going to be sisters and tack on the in-law [sans the -s] for some grammatically correct excitement.

Onto the next lesson (and more wedding party eye candy)…

The Liberty Print ties by Elise Bergman = ohhhhhhhhmygosh.

Love (!!!) the ties, and love the proper uses of your and you’re even more:
You’re welcome!”
Your wedding was absolutely stunning!”

Elise Bergman’s multi-wrap dress, which I own (and didn’t wear as a bridesmaid).
Best thing to ever happen to my wardrobe.

Let’s correctly use each word in a wedding-ish sentence:

“…announce the marriage of their daughter Fanny McBride.”
There are so many ways to wear this multi-wrap bridesmaid dress after the wedding!”
They’re going to have such a blast on their Parisian honeymoon.”

Is this too basic for you? Sorry, but I’m thinking you might want to avoid a disaster of this magnitude:

Ouch. Photo source

Congratulations! You’ve almost passed your first lesson of Wedding Grammar 101. But there’s one final thing that all almost-engaged, almost-married and already-hitched people must remember:

Loved this dress at first sight, then realized it’s by Project Runway winner Leanne Marshall. Double whammy!

You’re not marrying yourself, and it’s not just your wedding. Always replace my with OUR and live happily ever after.

-Hollie @ Thrifty in White

Lady in Red

Would you ever consider wearing a red gown for your wedding? Do you know anyone who did?

I do….

“Like I’m the only person who’s ever mixed a margarita in a sailor’s mouth?”
The one and only Blanche Devereaux {having dieted to fit into her wedding dress on her anniversary}

So maybe that’s a little over the top.  *Maybe?!*  How about if it were a red gown by designer Jason Wu?
{Seen here on Camilla Belle, pictured with Wu, at the 2010 Met Costume Institute Gala}


I can totally see a bold, fashion-forward [non-Catholic-wedding] bride wearing something like this. 
Would you wear red? Did you wear red? If you answered yes to either question, I need pictures!

And the Bride Wore…Pants?

I don’t think I’ve ever liked dresses.  I’ve always loved shoes, makeup, diamonds, big funky costume jewelry, and shoes.  Yes, I know I said shoes twice.  But dresses…. eh. 

You can’t climb the jungle gym in one, unless you remember to wear shorts underneath.  You must wear underwear. (Do you hear me, ladies? Must.) You have to remember to shave your legs that day.  If you live in Chicago and haven’t yet mastered how to keep it from blowing up around your face then forget it!  

Some gals just aren’t comfortable in dresses, so I say to them: skip the undies, skip the shorts, skip the leg-shaving (only if you want, on all counts) and wear PANTS!  A stylish, feminine, beautiful, designer pant suit is not reserved just for the 2nd time or courthouse brides.  Be comfortable, be yourself, be happy on your wedding day.

L: Vera Wang / R: Elie Saab

L: Marc Bouwer / R: Badgley Mischka

Ralph Lauren

Besides, what better way to let your groom know right from the beginning that you wear the pants in the marriage? ;)  (Just kidding, I believe in a 50/50 partnership so no angry emails please)


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